Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Boy has a lot happened in the last month. My son and family arrived in Sarasota on the 25th of July and then the fun began! For the last few months I had begun going through things and packing and throwing away....not fun after 18 years at this house! It was really hard getting rid of lots of my "stuff" but it had to be done. My son is relentless in the "throw away mode" but so organized and fast that things really went better after he started helping. We had yard sales for two weekends and got rid of lots of "stuff" much stuff that I made a bit over $500! It was interesting to see what people buy and what they don't! What didn't get sold or given to friends and neighbors went to Goodwill...many, many trips! We also got to know our garbage men quite well! They were amazing.  We turned the keys over to the Real Estate agents, and we pulled out of Sarasota around 12:30 PM on Monday the 8th. It was a long 16 hours to Starkville, MS through much rain and many accident slowdowns. Once my son gets going, he drives straight through....boy was I tired when we arrived at his house. I'm staying with them until the house sells so I have my own room where I have set up a sewing area. I really haven't had much time to do much sewing but I have done a bit.

First off I am making a baby quilt for a friend's daughter who is having a baby in December. I am working on it now since I don't know what my schedule will be like. It is a Quilt As You Go Coin quilt. I have finished all of the coin rows and they are neatly pressed and ready to start the QAYG process.

I am using Connecting Threads' Lotta' Dots with a Light Stone Lotta' Dots  backing to go with the gray walls the nursery has been painted.

Since I really like this quilt, I looked at the fabric that I have with me and found a layer cake that I won sometime ago! I cut the 10" blocks into 4 charms each and then cut them in half to make a huge pile of coins. I can work on the strips in free time and be ready to make a couple of quilts when I finally get settled.

Here are my coins before I divided them into separate colors.

One other project I have started is making cloth napkins. My daughter-in-law really likes be environmentally conscious so I hunted through my fabric that I have with me, and have made two practice napkins and have found some more to make a set of 6. This is really a easy thing and helpful keeping so much paper from landfills. I found a really fun pattern at Chocolate and Zucchini that has two sided napkins. Here are photos of the two sides.

Cute little owls

Coordinating floral fabric

Please forgive the photos but my camera is in the storage unit and I'm having to use my phone...not really too good but til I can get there to retrieve my camera these will have to do! I will try to post somewhat regularly but we will see how things go. It is great to be back!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner......

I finished absolutely nothing this week in the way of sewing! I did get a lot more packing done and enjoyed the comments on Lemons to Lemondade! I learned of many ways to use my lemons in the future. No more waiting.....


Chantal of At the Corner of Scrap and Quilts!!! Here is what she had to say:

 I love your bags. So wonderfully colourful! I too love navy and lime together. I do shy away from bold fabric though. I don't know why since I always appreciate it when others use such fabrics in their projects.
I use to put all my binding leftovers in the bin for string blocks. I saw a quilt made with such leftover bindings strings and now, I'm thinking I can do that too. Fabric that are old or "what was I thinking when I bought that" kind of fabric go for the backing of placemats. I also try to "hide" little pieces of them in my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt, whenever I can. Thank you for the chance to win. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and telling your lemonade story. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Lemons into Lemonade and a GIVEAWAY!

Sorry I missed posting last week with my latest Giveaway but the flu bug had other plans for me! I started feeling "poorly" on Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning I decided staying in bed was the answer. Didn't start to feel human until Saturday, thus no post!

Anyway, last week I uncovered a jellyroll quilt race quilt that I had made sometime  in the past! I had some jellyrolls that I got at Tuesday Morning. Since they were blue and green strips, I could not pass them by because those are my favorite colors!!! BUT I also knew that I would never quilt it...please don't ask why I made it other than the challenge of the jellyroll race!!  I had even put sashing on the quilt...don't know what I was thinking. OK, now what can I do with a quilt top that I know I will never finish? Cut it up and use it for other things. First thing up was a couple of totes. Just simple totes for the grocery store or the library.

I used some of the sashing for the handles

I lined it with navy blue and added a key fob

Second tote with polka dots for the handles and lining.

Ok, if I have totes, I will need some cute little clutches!

This is made from the two sashings. I do love navy and lime!

Just a plain navy lining.

Another tote with a cute little zipper pull. If you need some split rings check out Home Depot! I found them in the key section. 1 inch rings packaged in 2's for $1 per pkg!!!!

Still another clutch

I used the navy polka dotter fabric

As you can see, every clutch and tote is different because of the layout of the jellyroll race quilt. I was going to make several other projects but the nasty flu decided differently. I have plans for some placemats and maybe a bathmat like Crazy Mom Quilts made. Who knows what else I will come up with...I have a lot of quilt left to cut up!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  I have filled  a 8"X8"X4" box and you wouldn't believe what you can stuff in a box that size! There is a fat quarter bundle of some really pretty flannel, a Moda charm pack, a mini charm pack, a pack of Universal needles, a roll of heat and bond, a set of three 45 mm rotary blades, a partial Moda jelly roll, 2 spools of Gutermann thread, a package of thin leather strips to use for zipper pulls and a cute little round storage box. Who knows, I might add something else..there is a little room left!  All you need to do to win is leave  a comment telling me how you made lemonade from some "lemon" project of yours. Please be sure to leave your email address in your post so I will be able to get in touch with you if you win! The Giveaway will end at midnight July 14th.  Good Luck to all!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Clutches and WINNERS!!!!!!!!

Not too much sewing going on this week(but I did find more fabric if you can believe it!). I sewed up a few clutches  when I took breaks from packing. Let me tell you, the clutches are a lot more fun! Here are a couple I made.

Found a scrap of this cute fabric that I used for pillowcases for my grandkids.

Love the tape measure fabric and I made several clutches.

My first attempt at faux leather...still have a long way to go with it!

Now on to my winners! Thanks for all of your comments. I have a new bucket list for places to visit. Here are the winners:

Janice said: Just found you on Crazy Mom Quilts. I love your blog design! So cute! I'm pretty content living here in Idaho but wouldn't mind taking a month in Hawaii now and then! :)  
Mary said: I can't imagine what I would find if I had to sort out my sewing room!! Although we have done a lot of traveling, I always love returning home to CA 

Karen said: The only reason I would consider moving from where I live is my grand babies live in New Orleans.

Quilting Babcia said: Our quilt ministry group has been sewing lots of patchwork pieces, from a huge donation of partially sewn fabric squares. I'm very happy living right where I am at this point in my life - in western New York state near the PA border. Beautiful and peaceful hill country 

 CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. I have sent emails to all of you and as soon as I get your snailmail addresses your mini charms will be off! Watch out next week for another working on filling a flat rate envelope. I have a charm pack and some fat quarters already stuffed in it with more stuff to come!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Piece by Piece and a Giveaway!!!!

No, I am not talking about the Kelly Clarkson's song, Piece by Piece(which by the way I love!) but my newest project to do while packing up to move! I cannot believe how much fabric I have stashed away but there is lots and I keep finding more! I have two friends who are getting a lot of what I am disposing of but I still have soooooo much more. The other day I saw a really neat patchwork piece used in a tote and I thought...that is a great thing to do when I have "down time" to sew a bit while resting from packing up the house.

 I had just discovered how many mini charm packs(and a few charm packs) I have. Some I bought for who knows what and several were prizes that I won that I haven't used for anything yet. I sewed some of  them into different sized patchwork pieces and will use them when I make totes and clutches. Nothing is better than already having the patchwork done!! Here are few of the blocks.

Potluck mini charm pack

From Outside In mini charm pack

PB&J mini charm pack

Unknown charm pack cut into 2 1/2 " squares

Unknown jelly roll strips from Joann's

Audra's Iris Garden Mini Charm pack

Unknown Jelly Roll strips from Joann's

Since I still have loads of mini's left, I decided to have a giveaway! I will be drawing 4 names to win 4 mini charms packs each.( 2 sets of 3 Potluck and 2 sets of 3 From Outside In. (the first two blocks above used these two mini charms) To win these, all you need to do is  post a comment about where you would like to live if you could live anywhere in the world!(and why if you would like to tell) I am asking that you please put your email address in your post so that I have a way to get in touch with you. I hate to draw a name and then not have anyway to notify you that you won. The giveaway will run until midnight June 23.

Keep watching my blog because I have several more giveaways planned in the next few weeks. One will be a flat rate envelope filled with "scraps" but large things...fat quarters, charms, etc. and  who knows what else. So keep an eye out for these giveaways.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Just a Little Stitching!

Not too much sewing going on this week. I have been packing and sorting fabric getting ready for my move to Mississippi. I found some long forgotten fabric that I just had to use to make  a few clutches. When I saw Fabric Mutt's Spectrum Clutch, I really  had to try it! BUT I didn't do the 12 strips she did...I used one solid piece of fabric that I had saved for something special! It is called Postcards from I Dream of Paris for Windham Fabrics. I had some tan linen that I used for the "frame" and back of  the clutch. For the lining, I used  fabric from Joann's called Gravel Tan...looks like a sandy beach! I added a leather strip to the zipper pull to finish the clutch off.

Here we are in Paris.....

......with a beachy interior.

I also decided to use some leftover Matrioshka dolls fabric with denim for the main part of a second clutch. It was a fun, quick sew which is all I have time for right now!  I really like both clutches but 
I can't wait to make one of Heidi's with the 12 strips...that looks so great!

Love my little Russian dolls!

Happy, cheery lining!
I'm not sure how much sewing I will get done in the weeks coming up but if I get the "itch" to sew, I will have several different small items to stitch up because as I am packing, I am still making up "grab and stitch" ziplocks as I get ready for the big move. Hope you have a great week.

Friday, May 27, 2016

What a Beach of a Week!

My week started out by finishing Noodlehead's Poolside Tote for my grandchildren. I found some really bright and cheery plaid for my granddaughter's tote. I had some whale fabric for my grandson's since he has a bathing suit and matching sun protection shirt with whales, what could be better?

Bright and cheery bag

Green lining and key fob
Whales, whales and more whales!

I love this lining!

Yesterday I found some cute beach cottage fabric that I forgot I even had so I decided to make s.o.t.a.k handmade's Two in One Clutch. I bought her pattern when she introduced it but I then took a hiatus from sewing and hadn't made it. What a mistake! It is a fun pattern  and picking out the fabric is a lot of the fun! I couldn't stop at, I made two large and two small clutches and could sit and make a lot more if I didn't have so many things to get done!

The front of the beach cottage clutch done with quilting
The two zips. I decided I liked using two colors to pull from the clutch

Front of house clutch

Back of house clutch

Black and red zips for this one!

First small clutch
Purple and Green are fun colors

Boys need somewhere to put their money also!

Two tone zips again!

 So now you understand my "beachy" week. Totes and beachy fabric . Hoping you had a beach of a week also!